Short bob hair style

Elevated styles for every length

No matter your length, you ? yes, YOU ? can pull off an it-girl special occasion hairstyle. From date night to wedding season, summer is the best time to step up your style and try something new. Here are a few of our favs. Which one will you try?


Short hairstyle on the runway

Slick It Back: Slicked back hair is having a major moment. To avoid the style from looking wet or ?hard,? blow dry or curl your hair forward first, then brush it back. This will create volume and sexy movement.


Short hair in twisted up style

Twist & Shout: Twists are a great way to upstyle short hair. Create a ?dirty? feel to the hair by using product like sea salt spray or dry shampoo. Twist the hair into your desired shape and pin it in. Remember: Always criss-cross your bobby pins, as they will achieve a better hold.


Short hair in stylish braids

Bet On Braids: Braids on short hair are an easy way to create the vibe of an updo without the look falling apart. Simply braid whatever hair will fit, and leave the rest out as part of your look. Voila!


Featured Image Credit: @aetherography via Twenty20