The Sun-kissed Beauty of Balayage

Balayage is a hair lightening technique that involves painting the hair to achieve a sun-kissed look. Balayage has been around since the 1970s, but it has recently gained popularity due to being such a versatile, low maintenance look. This is a great technique for clients who want lighter ends, but who still want low maintenance for their color. 

Balayage is amazing because it is so versatile. There are many ways to use Balayage to achieve numerous looks. It can be used on long hair as well as shorter haircuts.  Balayage is great for all hair types and textures. 

Compared to a traditional full highlight, Balayage is much lower maintenance. With highlights, most clients need to come into the salon every 6-8 weeks for a retouch because of the demarcation. With Balayage, clients can easily go 3-6 months, or even a year, without having to retouch their color. This is because of the soft and diffused technique. It should be noted that with Balayage, there is not as much lift and it will not result in as bright of a result as a traditional highlight. This is due to not being insulated in foils. It typically requires more sessions to get a naturally dark-haired client to a very light color. 

FAQ about Balayage Hair Coloring

What does Balayage mean for hair?

Balayage translated literally means “sweeping”. This is because the technique involves the colorist taking a small section of hair and sweeping the color onto the top, then using a paddle to apply more color towards the bottom. This method of applying color gives the colorist more control. The result of this hand-sweeping is the effortless, candid highlights that this coloring style is known for.

Does balayage only work on blonde hair?

No. Balayage can work for red, brunette, and gray just as well as blond hair colors. It may require more sessions to achieve the desired result on very dark hair as the color effect is not as intense as foil color, but the result will be a beautiful, multi-dimensional, and balanced look.

How long does it take to Balayage hair?

It depends on how many highlights you are seeking. Since the Balayage technique requires hand-painting of color on each small section of hair, it can be a time-intensive process. A few simple highlights may take 45 minutes to one hour, compared to a multi-layered Balayage, which can take up to three hours to complete.

How do you maintain Balayage color?

Because Balayage grows out naturally, it requires less maintenance and can go much longer in between salon visits. Keep your Balayage looking bright and toned by using salon-quality shampoo and conditioner. Your Scottfree Salon stylist can recommend the best products to keep your hair healthy and looking salon-fresh no matter what your natural hair and highlight tones are.

How much does it cost to get Balayage done?

Since Balayage is a more customized technique and is designed for each client, the cost is somewhat higher. My Balayage pricing starts at $150 but can vary depending on the client’s hair density and the style that we are trying to achieve.

Some Final Thoughts on Hair Coloring

If you are considering balayage or any hair-coloring technique, it is critical to work with a highly-trained and experienced colorist. Ask for references and photos of clients with similar hair types and desired color results to yours. If you are trying color for the first time, make sure you are very specific during your initial consultation with your stylist about the results you would like to achieve. That is the right time to find out if your hair color will likely turn out the way you want it to! Whether balayage or traditional color, you can trust the experience of Scottfree Salons stylists and master colorists to make your hair look amazing.