Who we are

Scott Yance, Founder of Scottfree Salons

An experience worth remembering.

Founded by Scott Yance nearly a decade ago, Scottfree Salons embodies a simple philosophy; we believe true beauty begins within.

At Scottfree, we work diligently to provide the most seamless experience. From using the most luxurious brands and products to providing a complete concierge service — no request is too large. Our locations are selected to provide both convenience and privacy. Exclusive hours and rooms are available by request and valet services are provided at locations where parking is unavailable.

Our aesthetic is honest and minimal. We pay a great deal of attention to every detail in order to allow Scottfree artists to provide the best possible experience. Know that we are truly passionate about sharing our unique experience with you. 

Please join us. Enjoy your time with us. We appreciate your patronage and support.

We are Scottfree.


An honest and minimal aesthetic.

Scottfree Salon unique hairstyle
Side view of hairstyle model at Scottfree Salon Milwaukee
A unique hairstyle at Scottfree Salon in downtown Milwaukee