Scott Yance, Founder

Scott Yance, Founder of Scottfree Salons

Growing up in the Midwest has had a profound influence on who I am as an individual and professional. I was raised in Kenosha, WI. Unlike many, I feel genuinely lucky to have grown up in the town that is all too often shadowed by its neighbors to the north and south. Today, I’m very grateful I can call Kenosha, Milwaukee and Chicago my home. The geographical connection of these cities to each other parallels the emotional connection that I feel to each of them.

As a child in the 70’s, I took countless school field trips to the Milwaukee County Zoo, Shedd Aquarium, the Milwaukee Public Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry. By tweaking our tv antennas we were privy to an abundance of channels. The direction in which we drove determined which radio station and what genre of music we would hear, as each metropolis, both Milwaukee and Chicago, had their own unique style and musical influence. As young adults, we could catch the train to the Chicago club scene or drive up I-43 to mingle in Milwaukee bars.

These days I prefer the Packers to the Bears. But when it comes to baseball, the Cubs remain my #1 team. Early exposure to a vast range of cultures and traditions within these communities has shaped me into the individual I am today. Although Milwaukee, Kenosha and Chicago each have their own character and culture, I consider us all to be one giant community; The 3rd coast. The subculture of each city has created a melting pot of our own style, speech patterns, music and theatre. We have our own cuisine, architecture and design. Our own mannerisms and ethics. Even our own fashion.

Having lived in Mequon, Milwaukee and Chicago at different points in my life, I have formed a strong connection to each city in which our salons reside. A great deal of thought and energy has been put into each salon, reflecting the personality of their respective location and artists. The ambitious work that comes out of Scottfree Salons rivals others on a global scale. Offering haircutting, styling, barbering, hair coloring, extensions, conditioning, straightening treatments and makeup services combined offering clients access to luxury brands including Shu Umera, Kerastase, Hanz De Fuko, R & Co, Goldwell, and Oliplex set us apart as one of the Midwest’s most reputable and innovative salon brands.

Our downtown Milwaukee flagship salon is located on Milwaukee Street in the heart of downtown surrounded by some of the best of what Milwaukee offers. It’s a truly unique and historic space set in an urban oasis that transports you into feeling as if you are somewhere far away. 20 minutes north you will find our Mequon location. I share this location with my partner BJ Rademann-Schultheis. We have served as colleagues, friends and inspirations to each other for over 20 years. BJ and I spent years doing hair at New York fashion week along with countless photoshoots and artistic endeavors. If you have ever had that friend, an evening with someone, or a conversation that was just “easy” or just felt right, you will understand how I feel working in our Mequon salon. Every stylist knows every guest and every guest knows every stylist. The idea of a “salon” is embraced here and a sort of magical energy emanates from the Mequon salon.

Chicago, ahhh Chicago. We are purposely situated where Lincoln Park and Old Town converge, also known as the Theater District or Pipers Alley. Tree-lined streets, local haunts and an abundance of fashion and creativity all live here. There’s a movement emerging in this place and the opportunity to grow our brand here was irresistible. I share this location with partner Steve Olson, Barber Extraordinaire. Have you ever eaten at a chef’s table, where you’re invited to watch the masters at work crafting a one-of-a-kind meal? We wanted to replicate this feeling with the design of our Chicago space. Here, you will walk away wearing the art we create custom to your unique style and individuality.

The common response I hear to our growth is “living the dream”. The reaction takes me back at times, as I am authentically and purposefully living my dream and vision, in which I work tirelessly and passionately each and every day to create. Consequently, work, family and life all blur together into a positive journey. I assure you the “American dream” is alive and well. I am a direct product of it. My daily perspective is grounded in gratitude for those with whom I share my day, the evolving world and the beauty within all things around me.

We appreciate each and every guest that enters a Scottfree salon. We are here to make you look and feel better. Our product is our art and we appreciate you wearing it so well.


An honest and minimal aesthetic.

Scottfree Salon unique hairstyle
Side view of hairstyle model at Scottfree Salon Milwaukee
A unique hairstyle at Scottfree Salon in downtown Milwaukee